X-ray Diffractometer for Texture Analysis at CRISMAT

Instrument 1

Generator: INEL XRG 3000

Diffractometer: closed HUBER Cradle 500 + 2-circles goniometer 424 view 1 and view 2

Oscillating HUBER device, XY translation adjustable up to 10mm, modified for reflectivity with Z translation micro adjustment

Sample holders (for the HUBER oscillating device): several home made specific sample holders are available and can be fabricated for your own purposes (for self-supporting films, large samples, Z-adjusted for reflectivity ...).

Detector: The INEL CPS 120, see principle and animation. Piloted by the 2 theta-arm, reaches up to 160 degrees.

Thin filter for Fe fluorescence removing (Cu tube).



Cu 30mA x 40kV max, 1 mm point focus filament



Flat CGR Graphite 0.40 degree FWHM

Collimation: 2 HUBER crossed-slits, 50mm to 5mm

Divergence: Adjustable down to 7mrad x 7mrad for 1mm x 1mm slits, or less.

Instrument 2

Generator: Philips 6000 W

Diffractometer: X'PERT Philips 4-circle, opened Cradle

Oscillating device, XYZ microcontrolled movements

Sample holders: linear home made holders for Z-controlled positionning of variously sized samples.

Detector: Point scintillator.

Various filters available for fluorescence removal.



Cu ceramics tube, easily configurable linear or point focus


Monochromators: Front Bartels for high-resolution
Back flat Graphite 0.40 degree FWHM

Collimation: 2 HUBER micrometer controlled front crossed-slits 1 linear Back adjustable slit Back Soller slits

Divergence: depends on the optics + collimation.

Data Acquisition and Treatment

- PC 1.6 GHz, 1Gb RAM, 30Gb hardisk, Windows 98, for data treatment and data back-up (CD-ROM recorder)
- PC Pentium III portable DELL Latitude, 450MHz, 128Mb RAM, 6Gb hardisk, Windows 98, for data treatment
- 2 PC 1.6 GHz, 1 Gb RAM, 30 Gb harddisk; Windows 98, for piloting motors and acquiring data

INEL WINGO program see it

Data reduction/corrections: INEL GOMAN , PEAKOC, IMAD programs

Conversion: INEL WINCONV, FDTCALC, F1BFDT programs

Texture Analysis:
- BEARTEX the Berkeley Texture Package
- MAUD Multiple Analysis Using Diffraction

- POFINT: a MS-DOS program tool for pole figure interpretation and File Transformations

Grapher: ORIGIN graphing and fitting

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