The 9th Workshop on Combined Analysis using x-ray, neutron and electron scattering
Updated 28th Nov. 2018

This Workshop was organised at IUT Caen, UNICAEN, by E. Berthier (ThermoFisher Scientific), L. Lutterotti (Univ. Trento), D. Chateigner (IUT, Univ. Caen)
Many thanks to:
G. Pepponi (FBK Trento) and P. Boulay (CRISMAT CNRS Caen) for their venue and teaching XRF-XRR and ED resp. !
B. Plancoulaine and J.-C. Baloche for their many computer supports, conference room design, 3D printing ...
S. Gascoin, E. Borovin and Y. El Mendili, for their helps during practical sessions

Hereafter, pictures by Eric. Enjoy!

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