Texture & Anisotropy French-German Meeting 2013 in Hamburg Germany

Organised by Heinz-Gunter Brokmeier
Updated 26/3/2015

Daniel Chateigner, Heinz-Gunter Brokmeier

Leo Kestens, YuDong Zhang, Wenwei Gan, Daniel Chateigner

Raul Bolmaro, ?, Ian Bonarski

same guys, more serious !

Yudong Zhang, Wenwei Gan, Daniel Chateigner, Heinz-Gunter Brokmeier, Raul Bolmaro, ?, Ian Bonarski, Claude Esling

same guys

?, ?, ?, ?, Werner Skrotski, ?, ?, ?

same table

?, HG Brokmeier, Olaf Engler (back), Claude Esling

?, ?, ?

C. Esling, W. Skrotski, Y. Zhang

?, ?

D. Chateigner, I. Bonarski, ?

?, ?

L. Kestens, W. Skrotski

Wenwei Gan

the meeting room

HG Brokmeier introduction

W. Skrotski and HG Brokmeier


the conf room

dissipated Raul

a visit to DESY main hall

ring from top



with light !

C. Esling, R. Bolmaro, D. Chateigner

during the visit

going to the line

now at dinner !

dinner !

Raul also dine !

and Yudong

others too !

sleeping or full happy ?

everybody at work

looks live !


Ian Bonarski portrait


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