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sCaen3D: a 3D Platform from conception, reproduction to 3D prints

Jean-Christophe Baloche, Daniel Chateigner
emails: firstname.surname at unicaen dot fr

Need a 3D print ?! From Computer Assisted Conception, or reproduction of existing parts by 3D scanning, to real 3D polymer prints, just ask !

Formations Blender Our CAD room Our computers room
Our Equipments
Ultimaker 2 3D printer Raise3D N2 Dual Plus Printer ARTEC Spider 3D scanner ?? 3D scanner
Our Softs
?? 3D Reconstruction CAD soft . .
Plastic Wires . . .
. . . .
Pedagogy models
Property Tensors Crystal Structures Single Crystals .
Isotopes Map
J. Gibelin
4-circles XRD diffractometer
SOLSA EU Project
Reduced Nuclear Plant
J. Gibelin
Mobile support Support with mobile 3D logos
Small pieces
Volumetric flask Cap
Solar clock SEM gearing
Student Training-Projects
Léopold Swertvaegher (2017)
NAE drone project
Training period
Maxime Troubat (2017)
CRISMAT, SEM project
. .
sCaen3D officially born !
Phenix 82 Dec. 2017, p19

The original submission !
Moeck et al. (2016)
Symmetry: Culture and Science 27, 319-330
3D prints of Materials tensor

Prints from MPOD
Fuentes-Cobas et al. (2017)
Advances in Applied Ceramics 116, (428-433)

Comments and suggestions are very welcome
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