Hi, I'm Christophe Rosenberger.

I am full professor at ENSICAEN (National school of engineering) and I work in the GREYC research laboratory. I am Vice-Director of the GREYC research laboratory and I belong to the "E-payment & Biometrics" research unit in this lab. I am also Vice-President in charge of Digital Services at Normandy University.

My research activities concern biometrics: development of biometric systems (face, fingerprint, keystroke dynamics, touch screen interaction, palm veins...), multi-biometrics (score fusion), the evaluation of biometric systems (performance, security, user perception), the quality of biometric templates (fingerprint) and the protection of biometric data for privacy applications (cancelable biometrics).


Curriculum vitae

  • Since 2007: Full professor at ENSICAEN - GREYC Laboratory
  • 2006: Associate professor at ENSI de Bourges - LVR Laboratory
  • 2000: Assistant professor at ENSI de Bourges - LVR Laboratory
  • 1999: PhD degree in Computer science from University of RENNES 1
  • 1996: Master degree in Computer science from University of RENNES 1
  • 1994: Bachelor degree in Mathematics from University of RENNES 1


  • Supervision of 15 PhD students (defended)
  • Supervision of 4 PhD students (in progress)
  • French excellence grant since 2005
  • More than 150 international publications
  • Asgard program laureate in 2011

Research works in biometrics

Definition of biometric systems

keystroke dynamics, touch screen interaction, fingerprint...

Evaluation of biometric systems

performance, security, usability

Protection of biometric data

Cancelable biometrics

Recent publications

  1. Z. Yao, J.-M. Le Bars, C. Charrier, C. Rosenberger, "Fingerprint Quality Assessment: Matching Performance and Image Quality", chapter in book "Biometric Security and Privacy in The Big Data Era", Springer, 2016.
  2. B. Vibert, C. Charrier, JM. Lebars, C. Rosenberger, "In what way is it possible to impersonate you bypassing fingerprint sensors ?", BIOSIG 2016.
  3. P. Lacharme and C. Rosenberger, "Synchronous One Time Biometrics With Pattern Based Authentication", ARES 2016.
  4. Z. Yao, J.M. Le Bars, C. Charrier, C. Rosenberger, "A Literature Review of Fingerprint Quality Assessment and Its Evaluation", IET journal on Biometrics 2016.
  5. R. Belguechi, H. Hafiane, E. Cherrier, C. Rosenberger, "Comparative Study on Texture Features for Fingerprint Recognition: Application to The BioHashing Template Protection Scheme", SPIE International Journal of Electronic Imaging 2016.
  6. T. Gougeon, M. Barbier, P. Lacharme, G. Avoine and C. Rosenberger, "Memory carving in embedded devices: separate the wheat from the chaff", ACNS 2016.
  7. J. Hatin, E. Cherrier, Jean-Jacques Schwartzmann, V. Frey, C. Rosenberger, "A Continuous LoA Compliant Trust Evaluation Method", ICISSP 2016.
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